The List

Orbital Resource Guide

Product Development
9 Steps for Creative Problem Solving
The Importance of UX
How I Sold My App Before Coding It
Idea to Customers in 7 Weeks
How to Find a Technical Co-founder

The Perfect Brand Name
Your Next Big Idea Better Be Verb-able
The History of an Unforgettable About Me Page
Persuasive Copy
Grassroots Marketing
6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Built a Marketing Dept
Luxury Brand Marketing
How to Pick an Agency 1 and How to Pick an Agency 2
Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page
Why Does Design Matter?
Spend More Time on the Edge
The Spin Addiction
Post Stories, Not Pictures
Guidelines for Effective Content Calendars
Social Conversation
The One Thing All Great Social Media Teams Do
Social Media Resources
35 Growth Hacker Tools
PR Advice
Case Study: Kraft
Startup Marketing
Case Study: Brand Loyalty
Case Study: Context
Case Study: Harry’s
Case Study: Monster’s University

Look Beyond Resumes
New Hiring Strategy
Hire for Results, not Skills
Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills
6 Hiring Strategies
Successful Technical Interviews
Hiring a Content Marketer
Design Roles in the Tech Industry
Revealing Interview Questions 1 and Revealing Interview Questions 2
Recruiting on Twitter
When 20% of Your Staff is Pregnant
Recognition Done Wrong Kills Your Stars
How to Retain Star Employees
Employee Motivation
Exit Interviews
Should I Quit or Wait to be Fired?
Why You Need Your Own Business Cards
When to Quit a Startup Job

13 Ways of Looking at a Leader
Great Manager, Good Coach
Turn Strengths into Superpowers
How to Make Faster Decisions
Being a startup means we’re nimble, but it also means we’re resource-challenged.
Feedback Loops
Everyone Needs a Sheryl Sandburg
0 Bosses Org Chart
Good Reminders
I really don’t mind coming to work. But the hours of waiting to go home just gets to me.
What Your Boss Really Wants From You
Common Mistakes a New Manager Makes
Case Study: Medium
Best and Worst Things to do when Overwhelmed
The answer to “How are things going?”
2 Emails a Week
How to Delegate Emails to your Assistant
How to Motivate Someone You Don’t Like
On work-life balance: I don’t actually believe in balance. What I believe in is harmony. There’s a big difference. – Matt Lehrer
Recalculating: Get Lost
Nongreedy Exits
How to Prioritize
90/90/1 Productivity Hack
On what to do in a crisis: Keep the morale of your team high. They are putting their life and soul into building this business. – Saima Chowdhury
Answering Emails After Work is Bad for Your Health
Our Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition
Habit: Ask “What else?”

Good SaaS pricing pages
Bad SaaS pricing pages
Credit Card required?
Large Enterprise Customers Pricing
Turn Visitors into Customers
The Road to a Million Users

Choosing a Metric
Stop Believing You Have to be Perfect
How to Turn a Commodity into a Hot Product
Effective Packaging
Case Study: Taco Bell
Cost-Cutting in Fashion
Have an Expiration Date
How to Prep for a Conference
Kinds of Failures
Expectations and Experiences
Customer Service via Reddit
Gamification Failures
Bad Password Requirements

How Funding Works
Standardized legal documents to streamline the funding process (Fenwick & West)
Legal funding documents via 500 startups
Understanding SaaS
Enterprise Saas
Non-unicorn Investing
Investor Update Email Template

David Lauren, of Ralph Lauren
Craig Newmark, of Craigslist
Dietrich Mateschitz, of Red Bull


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